Online Certification Course and Practitioner Mentoring Course

Add Star Healing Intergalactic Energy(TM)  to your professional practice and GROW YOUR BUSINESS!

Certification is available internationally. I can teach you in person, over the phone, over live chat, or through Skype. You choose how you would like to receive your teaching.

If you are looking for full or part time career in the healing arts or want to add a powerful new modality to your current chiropractic, reiki, massage therapy or other practice, you owe it to yourself and your clients to take this course now!

This home study online course is perfect for health practitioners who would like to expand their existing practice in the comfort of their own home on their own schedule and for those who are unable to attend one of Kelly’s workshops and lectures to become a certified STAR HEALING INTERGALACTIC ENERGYTM PRACTITIONER.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, “You may continue to read an old text book (an 0ld form of healing) or pick up a new one. I invite you to pick up the new one.”

Course Prerequisite: Before launching into your certification program either online or in person  is the purchase and reading of 2012 AND BEYOND: THE TRUTH FROM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, by Kelly Hampton, Balboa Press, available in paperback, e book or i-reader through this site and other online booksellers.

This course (level 1) consists of:
Star Healing Intergalactic  EnergyTM Journey 1, also called the Ascension Energy attunement
Star Healing Intergalactic Energy ™ Course Handbook
Digital videos of hand and body positions of the Ascension Energy (to come)
Full support & tutorship through email , Skype or telephone with teleseminars/webcasts scheduled to answer questions and provide support.
Star Healing Intergalactic Energy ™ Practitioner Certificate upon completionstar healing

Course Details

Complete Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM Ascension Attunement.
Once you receive this one-hour attunement (Journey1 Ascension) by Kelly you will have been attuned to the Star Healing Energy. This can be done either remotely via telephone, or skpe or in person at one of Kelly’s events. (add Kelly to your Skype account: Kelly.a.hampton, U.S. )

(2) Star Healing Intergalactic Energy TM Course Handbook
You will receive a handbook which will teach you everything you need to know about Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM, including the hand and body positions, list of approved crystals and gems for giving this modality, as well as all of the symbols of Level 1 and how to use them.

(3) Assignments, Lessons, Exam, & Case Studies
This course offers you active hands-on participation. Included throughout are lessons and assignments that will bring you closer to your true spiritual nature and enable you to practice Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM with great success. A final exam and several case studies (actual practice on 15 volunteers/or 10 hours with reporting) are necessary in order to fully reach certified practitioner status and receive your certificate to give Star Healing Ascension Energy healing to others. There is no time limit on this course. You should follow it at your own pace but the course typically take 1-2 months.

(4) Certificate
Once you complete and turn in all of your assignments, lesson reports/case studies you will receive your personalized Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM certificate of completion suitable for framing to demonstrate your level of achievement. There is no licensing of Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM and this certificate is the highest possible achievement for a practitioner. After completion of the course, you will be linked to several healing organizations including the International Natural Healers Association  with the option of joining.

TOTAL CERTIFICATION ONLINE COURSE FEE: $800.00 (U.S.) Buy now! Payment can be sent via paypal to or through this site’s shopping cart. This fee includes the private 60 min. Ascension energy attunement by Kelly, which is your first step in becoming certified. If you have previously received the 60-min. Ascension Energy attunement by Kelly representing Healing Enterprises LLC you will have the course completion fee of $625.00 US.

Once certified as a Star Healing Intergalactic Energy TM practitioner Healing Enterprises LLC will continue to offer marketing support through facebook closed practitioners group and a monthly subscription web cast which will help maintain the integrity of this NEW healing modality of which Kelly Hampton is the founder. As the angel has said, “IT IS NOT TO BE BLENDED WITH ANY OTHER HEALING MODALITY.” Additionally, if you feel at any time as though you would benefit from a private mentoring or practitioner refresher session with Kelly, that is also available. The fee for this 60min practitioner refresher is $100.00 U.S. and can is done remotely via phone, skype, facebook chat.

Note: Kelly Hampton representing Healing Enterprises LLC is the only practitioner certified to conduct Star Healing Intergalactic Energy (TM) workshops and lectures.

*Please note: There is a one time, first year annual re-certification fee of $100.00 (USA) payable a year from your certification to continue practicing as an approved Star Healing Intergalactic Energy TM certified practitioner along with proof of a minimum of 8 clients being served during this year period. A copy of your client intake form or email address/testimonial from a minimum of 8 clients is required as proof per Archangel Michael. This will help insure the integrity of this amazing NEW AND PROFOUND healing modality from the Pleiadians/Star Galaxy.

Study with a friend! Purchase 2 courses and receive a $30 discount  per person!


The Practitioner Mentoring Course, sometimes referred to as Journey 5 by Archangel Michael is a course (in person or remote) that provides you with personalized instruction in multiple areas designed to develop your skills to assist in seminars and workshops, mentor individuals and small groups of new practitioners in the practical aspects of Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM.  Graduates of the program are also able to hold their own small refresher classes and give business development talks to pre-approved audiences, pre-approved topics.

Course Description

Topics covered in this course include: Healing, Philosophy, Mechanics, Teaching Assistant responsibilities, criteria for choosing assistants for seminars, coaching standards and fee structures, correct coaching techniques, guidelines for refresher classes, and guidelines for approved business development talks of varying lengths. A passing evaluation will grant you advanced practitioner status and qualify you as a Coach/Mentor/Assistant for a period of 12 months.

The primary emphasis of the Practitioner Mentoring Course is to coach you to higher levels of performance and ease with the work. As part of that process, on Day 2 of the course, evaluations will be conducted to allow us the chance to provide you with an individualized learning and growth plan.

Each attendee will receive a preliminary evaluation with feedback and suggestions for improvement in areas, which may require additional focus. Final evaluations will be shared approximately 1-3 weeks after completion of the course. Practitioner Mentor status will be conferred only when all areas of performance meet course standards and after attendees have demonstrated their proficiency at our seminars.

Practitioner Mentoring status is valid for 12 months. All Practitioner Mentors are also considered Certified Practitioners. After the 12-month period has lapsed, you may renew your status either by retaking the Practitioner Mentor Course, being a co-sponsor for one of our seminars, or creating and hosting a Breakout Session at one of our Mastery Conferences.

A pre-course packet will be sent to each attendee that will contain material the attendee is expected to review and learn prior to attending the course.

Course Prerequisites

  1. Successful completion of Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM Rank I.
  2. Six months of active practice after successful completion of Rank I.
  3. Read, own and be able to discuss 2012 and Beyond: The Truth from Archangel Michael by Kelly Hampton.
  4. Submission of a written statement detailing how Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM has affected your life since first completing Rank I.
  5. Submission in writing of a healing story or testimonial — either your own healing or a healing you have facilitated.
  6. Thorough understanding of the philosophy of Star Healing Intergalactic Energy and ease in addressing the material
  7. 25 verified Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM sessions.

For more information and to apply, contact Kelly at